Wednesday, June 1, 2011

With logic you cannot jump... you need fantasy

I just read an interview with the venerable conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt, and wanted to share this beautiful quote:

When he was asked about one watchword (a word or phrase expressing his core belief), he replied fantasy, and went on to say that if Einstein, who played violin, had not been a musician, he would never have hit on his theory of relativity. ''Illogic is an important part of being human,'' Einstein said. ''With logic you cannot jump, you cannot make hypotheses. You need fantasy for that.''


Hannah Sivan said...

Thanx Alon for sharing this. I am adding this to my repertoire and will use this in trying to teach my students how important is fantasy. See you soon, Hannah

Kathy-O said...

I agree. Although my career is in IT, I can't tell you the times when I have solved a problem with an intuitive leap. I attribute this to a lifelong involvement in music.