Thursday, February 12, 2009

From Schumann's diary...

Robert Schumann documented nearly every day of his life since his teenage years. On Oct. 1, 1853 a young composer age 20 came to visit. On that day Schumann wrote in his diary just one line:

"A visit from Johannes Brahms (a genius)"

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Unknown said...

and Marie, the Schumann's eldest daughter (12 year-old then) writes, "Brahms had barely played a few measures when my father interrupted and ran out saying, "Please wait a moment, I must call my wife."...."
You know, the rest is history.
It is fascinating to imagine the time, isn't it?
I look forward to your concert at Mannes International Keyboard Festival this summer. I'm sure that you will give the most fantastic performance as the last time I heard you play. Chiharu